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  April 19, 2024

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Mike Collie
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Alternative Health Insurance

  • Pay yourself first!
  • No deductibles large PPO network
  • 1st dollar coverage with or without ACA/Obamacare
  • Pays you direct or to any provider... it's your choice
  • U.S. Insurance Company with over 150 Years’ Experience

Click here to view examples of claim payments.

Texas Only: Alternative Health Insurance

Use Any Doctor or Provider anywhere in the U. S. for Individuals or families.
Plus for even greater savings, have access to a very large National PPO Network
and all with very low deductibles or zero deductibles.

Alternative Daily Indemnity Health Policies:

Complies with the latest HHS recommendations for Hospital Indemnity Policies
Plan A Plan B Rate Card

Ancillary Coverage Policies:

Pays in addition to any other insurance, including ACA plans (aka Obama Care)
Pays up to an additional $100,000 per surgery and an additional $250,000 per accident
60/40 Plan 70/30 Plan 80/20 Plan Rate Card

Call me or Email for more information and rates... May save you some time and money!

Dental/Vison/Hearing Expense Insurance

Brochure Application Rate Card

Download and print the above application.
Application MUST be either Mailed, Faxed, or Scanned and Emailed directly to me.